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Millat Hospital

Millat Hospital was started back in 1958 by Dr. Abdus Salam Khan at a small town "Sadikabad" where the health care facilities were not available. When he setup his practice at Sadikabad in 1958, there was not a single qualified physician throughout this area.

Millat hospital was started in a rented building and now after 53 years of its creation, it has transformed into one of the biggest hospitals of the region having its own building. The hospital houses treatment facilities for 50 in house patients, having its own laboratory and pharmacy facilities making it a self sufficient health care concern.

Devoting his whole life to struggle for welfare of suffering mankind, the founder of this setup passed away on 20th September 2011. His ideal personality left behind a tough and tedious pathway to follow. After his demise his wife Mrs. Safia Begum was elected as Chief Executive Officer and Dr. Muhammad Salim Kamboh took over the charge as Medical Superintendent of the organization with the spirit to maintain his cultivated standards.


Millat Foundation

Millat Foundation is another shining aspect of Millat Hospital. Millat Foundation is basically a charitable organization that helps by treating the needy poor patients without burdening them. In most cases medicine bills, laboratory and X-Ray charges are paid by Millat Foundation while the hospital provides them consultation and all services including operating charges, free of cost.An ultrasound urinary tract stone-screening program was initiated in 1993 of which the patients were charged nothing. Outdoor and operated patients are examined free of cost as many times as required. This facility was extended to all the patients who needed any kind of ultrasonic investigation.


Endourological Facilities

Millat Hospital is providing world class, wide-ranging surgical facilities from general surgery to specialized endoscopic surgery. We are the pioneers to perform endoscopic surgery for kidney stones & other ailments in Pakistan as well as surrounding countries. This hospital has the honor for establishing Endo-Urology department in 1992 by Dr. Abdul Munim Khan who specialized in this field, and gained so far sound concrete experience from different countries. It is worth mentioning that such vast scale endoscopic surgery was not being performed in whole of the Afro-Asian countries at that time. The specialty of Minimal Invasive Surgery has facilitated the removal of stones from kidney to urinary bladder through a mere incision of one centimeter or from the natural route. In this technique the patient is rarely anesthetized, hospital stay is minimum, complication rate is very low and the patient can resume his daily routine duties very early. It is not only the stone removal, but 90% of the surgery in advanced countries is being done through minimal invasive surgery procedures.