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Millat Hospital


Millat Hospital was started back in 1958 by a single person Dr. Abdus Salam Khan at a small town Sadikabad where the health care facilities were not available. He graduated from Dow Medical College, Karachi in 1954.

When he setup his practice at Sadikabad in 1958 there was not a single MBBS doctor throughout this area. Quackery was dominating. This small town was lacking basic amenities such as water supply, electricity and telephone.

With his resolute determination and struggle, not only he achieved best cure rate in flaring up diseases but also devoted time and energy in health education campaigns. His social crusade brought about a positive trend and awakening. Fighting with illiteracy as well as vast spectrum of diseases, his close associate Dr. Mohammad Saleem Bajwa joined hands with him in 1960 and both of them, together started curing the ailing humans beings of this remote area.

Millat Hospital, in a rented small house, steadily got a good name and its healing flavor spread in the adjoining areas of Sindh and Balochistan. X-ray facility was installed in 1964 and Diagnostic Lab established in 1972 when there was no concept of taking help from a clinical laboratory. Previously such lab did not exist in whole of the area. In the eradication of endemic Malaria, wide spread Helminthic infestation and intestinal parasitosis, with various other diseases, there was a marked contribution of laboratory in diagnosis. 

Sad demise of Dr. Saleem Bajwa in 1976 was a setback to the institution but with the grace and utmost blessings of Almighty Allah, Millat Hospital went on the right path of progression. It was the true spirit and honest policy to serve suffering humanity at the very beginning till now which is the foundation of uplift of this medical concern. Journey of about half century (1958 to 2006) was a period of resolute determination and struggle.

The main aim was to cure the patients. But at the same time their education to improve hygiene; to create the sense of anticipating their own illnesses and their health education were the other projects.


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Geographic Location

Sadikabad is situated in South Punjab at the border of other two provinces of Sindh and Baluchistan. People of the adjoining areas of Upper Sindh and South Eastern part of Baluchistan get benefited with the facilities available at Sadikabad. It lies on the main railway track and the main highway connecting North to South passes through it.


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Induction of Different Specialities

Now this hospital has its own spacious building located at a good approachable site. It is a four-storied building along with basement. Ground floor and the basement is used for out-door purpose. Third floor has lecture halls and is meant for conferences and get-togethers.  Hospital has complete latest facilities of treatment and diagnosis under one roof providing standard indoor accommodation.

There are specialties of general surgery, ENT, gynecology, pediatrics, X-Rays, diagnostic laboratory, dentistry, physiotherapy and orthopedics as regular facilities and dermatology, psychiatry, gastro-enterology and allergy center by visiting consultants.