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Charitible Services of Millat Hospital

It remains a fact that lower middle class and lower class always suffer at the hands of poverty. They remain deprived of good medical care. This calls for a proper charitable system through which they should be allowed access to right medical care. May it come from free treating NGO or partial help providing institutions?

Since the inception of Millat Hospital in 1958, all the patients were treated regardless of their economical status. The deprived were provided consultations, medicine provision and hospital accommodation was provided and they were operated upon free of cost. Free eye camps were arranged since 1960. Needy students were provided monetary support to stand at their own feet. Even very poor students of labor class were supported to become physicians with the financial assistance of this hospital who are serving at different places at the moment. Widows were helped to have their both ends meet. 

Health facilities were provided to all the needy people regardless to their position in the society or financial status. Even deserving patients were treated free of cost and they were provided with the same facilities as a paying patient benefits of, without discrimination or disclosing them.