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Endo urological Facilities

Millat Hospital is providing world class, wide-ranging surgical facilities from general surgery to specialized endoscopic surgery. We are the pioneers to perform endoscopic surgery for kidney stones & other ailments in Pakistan as well as surrounding countries. This hospital has the honor for establishing Endo-Urology department in 1992. It is worth mentioning that such vast scale endoscopic surgery was not being performed in whole of the Afro-Asian countries at that time. The specialty of Minimal Invasive Surgery has facilitated the removal of stones from kidney to urinary bladder through a mere incision of one centimeter or from the natural route. In this technique the patient is rarely anesthetized, hospital stay is minimum, complication rate is very low and the patient can resume his daily routine duties very early. It is not only the stone removal, but 90% of the surgery in advanced countries is being done through minimal invasive surgery procedures.


2                                                    1

Look at the size of stones in both the kidneys (left picture) of a child (right). Those were removed simultaneously through an incision of one cm. in each kidney.


3                                                   4

X-Rays scans of a huge stone before and after operation.                                      Each pile of stones belongs to single patient.



5                                        6

A freshly operated child with large Kidney stones taken                                       Note the difference of the scars. Previously operated                                             out through two tiny incisions.                                                                                right kidney with a large scar. With the complication of                                                                                                                                  incisional hernia fresh operation was performed through                                                                                                                                  two holes when the stone recurred.  


7                                     8

The same patient immediately after operation and after discharge from hospital (center) – You can see the discharge slip in his hand and satisfaction on his face.



Why Sadikabad was selected for an advanced center of stone surgery treatment

Geographically Sadikabad lies in the middle of Pakistan, the area centering the kidney stone formation belt due to hardness of drinking water, climate and other various reasons. Very long ago Dr. Fayer in 1863, published a report that he removed 554 bladder stones within a span of six months only in Punjab. Later on during the time of British Empire in 1931 Dr. McCarrison published his report about stone disease that its highest incidence is in the area between Dera Ghazi khan, Hyderabad and Sukker. Then a stunning report appeared in the later part of 20th century. A study was conducted by Mayo hospital, Lahore and it showed that kidney failure due to stone is about four times higher in south Punjab than in Lahore. Furthermore, recent published studies show that bladder stone is much commoner in the lower income group due to certain dietary factors, thus revealing it to be the ‘disease of poverty’. Certainly they are not in a position to bear the cost of treatment.



Supply of drinking water in the town. People in the villages and desert get their drinking water from the ponds. Dirty water is the source of many diseases while low water intake is a predisposing factor for stone formation.

It was the dire need of the people of the area that their health troubles are controlled near their doorstep. It is difficult for an ordinary illiterate poor fellow to travel to large cities with kidney ailment and get treated there. Certainly low resources, illiteracy and negligence played major role in worsening of patient condition. Provision of endoscopic surgery in a remote area became a blessing for them, especially when such facility was not available in whole of the country. Gradually patients from all over the country started coming to this hospital for kidney stone and other related ailments.

It is not only the treatment of the patients; research work is also being carried on. Different new techniques were developed. Our research work has been published in high-ranking international professional journals. Urologists from different cities of Pakistan were also trained at Sadikabad. Vice chancellor of Mashed Medical University visited this hospital and appreciated the facility. Our specialists were invited to different countries and universities to deliver lectures.