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How to Help the Deserving through Us


Basically there are three projects, which have vital role.

  • Up-gradation of Hospital Facilities
  • Transport Facility
  • A Mobile Lithotripsy (ESWL Therapy) Unit



In general, worn out hospital amenities are required to be replaced. It should be worth-noting that abrasion of hospital furniture, building, and utensils is more where illiterate community is in majority. That is also true with the cost of utilities, which enhance in such circumstances. Improvement of the operation theatre is a necessity. We provide high-class health care despite our working in a remote area. Our research articles in kidney ailment treatment and commentary about our work in different prestigious magazines reflect our efforts. In such a scenario operation theatre needs to be improved. A laparoscopy set, gastroscopy set and an anesthesia machine along with a ventilator are the significant necessities playing vital role in minimal invasive surgery.


Traveling in the dependent area is quite tedious on public transport. Regular visits to the adjoining under-developed areas as well as to different cities where we provide health care awareness will be easier particularly when a complete team moves along with different diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. That vehicle will also be used for mass screening program for detection of kidney stones. 


As mentioned above in the text, ESWL (Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy) therapy is an atraumatic way of treating the urinary tract stones but it needs high cost machines. The patient can be spared of even the smallest injury. Patients can be treated in the outdoors and hospitalization is not necessary. Its new models are mobile units and those can be moved from place to place to reduce the trouble of traveling for the patient.



The ESWL machine is fixed on a truck (This concept is being practiced in the developed countries). The schedule of mobile unit movement will be announced in a radius of 200 kilometers, particularly in the adjoining area of Sindh and Baluchistan. Days will be fixed for each station at different selected spots in different health care facilities. The patients can benefit at their doorstep. That machine should work on a no profit-no loss basis under the supervision of Millat Foundation, our registered charitable organization.



  • Most of the patients in the area, suffering from stone disease, are poor and non-affording. Nominal charges can be implemented on the somewhat affording patients while the treatment can be provided without cost to the actual deserving. They can also enjoy the facility of least troublesome technology for their stone removal.
  • As mentioned above road conditions are not so good that the patient can move easily from place to place in periphery. Patients’ fatigue can be reduced if the machine is taken to different places instead of them to travel tens or hundreds of kilometers to the facility.
  • Traveling expenses for the patients as well as the relatives will be reduced to none if the ESWL machine is transported to their adjoining facilities.
  • Time saving is a major factor for the patients. It is important to mention that in the under-developed world, a person has to work harder to earn his even basic livings. Time saving is more important for such persons as peasants, daily-wages hard labor class and students particularly. In most of the cases single working person takes care of whole of the family.
  • Facility of actually non-invasive method of removing stones is out of imagination of the inhabitants of under-developed area of a poor country. Whenever sick and require surgery, the patients go through gross trauma of a major surgery. Its ill effects can be avoided by providing them the facility.
  • A scientific method of treatment will be available. Patients will be saved from other odd ways of treatment.
  • Specimen of different stones can be collected from different areas to research on the etiology of stone formation in those areas.
  • By providing in-time and easy availability of stone treatment facility through ESWL therapy to the needy people from the neglected areas further complications and kidney failure can be reduced.  

For women, due to their social restriction, the facility nearby their homes can help them in a better way without the hassle of movement to a distant place.


To help us in our mission to serve humanity, donations can be made to the following accounts:

Bank Account: Millat Foundation (Regd.)

Pak. Rs.: National Bank of Pakistan. Chandrami Branch. Acc.# 785

USD: Askari Commercial Bank. Sadikabad. Acc.# 670 213 00007-6

Social Welfare Society Reg. No.: D.O. SW-WD-BM (RYK) 2002 – 01